• Inspections


Inspections for power, communication, and ligthing grids

Overall grid condition inspections

Insplan inspects and maps power grids for the needs of planning and maintenance. We offer our clients accurate overall network condition data but also details about specific components; eg. their age and operating condition.

Inspection includes general visual evaluation but also more thorough assessment for rotten posts, component documentation, measurement, location, and punch list. Needless to say, all smaller issues are corrected on the go.

The inspections are carried out on field using a rugged computer that records data directly into an electronic format. The reports built by our inspectors offer valuable information to our clients how to secure the grid but also how to plan and optimize the preventive maintenance.

To ensure the quality of our inspections, all of our inspectors are trained and licensed for the duty.


Installation inspections

Insplan offers independent installation and measurement inspection services. Services are highly adaptable to cater the needs of our customer.

Implementation inspections are split in the follwing three areas:


  1. Sense based inspections
  2. Measurement based inspections
  3. Functional testing


The faults discovered during warranty are corrected so that all issues are corrected before the final inspection. This setting guarantees that the inspection reports and final drawings are aligned and on par with reality.

The inspection reports can be accessed via a web browser in real time with all information available to all relevant parties for control and reporting. Information is also distributed to the systems of our clients in real time.


Analysis services

By using the analysis services, our client save time, money, and resources. The service includes analysis on the inspection material, but also a detailed list of actions points how to correct the discovered issues.