• Flight and aerial inspections

Flight and aerial inspections

Flying is a cost effective way to inspect power grids

Aerial inspections

Using a helicopter for inspecting power grids is primarily meant for quick inspections, damage control, and resource management during an event of large scale disruption.

The founders of Insplan have been the fore runners in Finland in developing aerial inspection methods since 2008 with more than 2000 inspection flight hours.

Helicopter inspections work well for quick results in vast areas. The material captured during a flight is saved in a database that is immediately accessible by our clients and partners. The information gathered from flights is compiled to our customers to a clear report including detailed working orders regarding all identified defects.

Insplan is in close partnership with service providers and helicopter operators.

Aerial inspection material analysis

Our inspectors analyze the footage captured during inspection flights that can be effectively used to detect defects. Objects that are located high of the ground, such as power cable post tops are in fact a lot easier to inspect high off the ground than by foot.

Aerial inspection material also improve the planning of investments in the grid when technical drawings are supported with real footage from the area.

Insplan is also following closely the latest development in the utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for aerial inspections.


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